Higher & Technical Education has been established as a separate Department out of the trifurcation of Education Department in April, 1989. This Department looks after Higher Education from Collegiate level and upwards including Science & Technical Education in the State. Under this Department, there are as many as 7 Govt. Colleges, 10 Deficit and 9 private Colleges, 2 Law Colleges and four Open University Colleges and two Teacher Training Institutes of College Level and one of which is for Hindi Teachers. Since the Mizoram Institutes of Comprehensive Education which has been handed over to the Dept. Of School Education during the year ending of the 9th Plan with all the Plan Provisions the Institute is not made for the 10th Plan. Altogether there are 30 Collegiate Institutions and 1 Comprehensive School under this Dept. The Dept. Is giving Post Metric Scholarship to the tribal students through the Mizoram Scholarship Board which had been formed under the Dept.

Again, as the name implies, the Department looks after Technical Education in the State. There are 2(two) Polytechnics one of which is at Lunglei teaching 3 (three) years Diploma Course in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering. The Institute has been recognized by All India Council for Technical Education for all purposes. “The other is Women Polytechnic which was establish in 1998 in a rented building at Aizawl with the approval of All India Council for Technical Education. There are 3 Courses in Women Polytechnic viz. Modern Office Practice, Electronics & Telecommunication and Garment Technology.

The Department also looks after the students of NERIST, Arunachal Pradesh where there are about 100 Engineering students every year against the quota of reserved seats for Mizoram State. Students pursuing various Technical courses are given stipends. Book Grants etc. from the Department Examination Cell for Technical Education has been created under the Directorate of Higher & Technical Education since 1994 which conducts all Examinations of the two Polytechnic Institutions in the State and Combined Selection examination for various Technical courses against reserved seat for Mizoram State outside Mizoram from the Central Pool Quotas allotted by Govt. of India every year. Mizoram Engineering College is also expected to establish during the 10th Plan 2002-2007.

In order to upgrade the standards and facilitate the functioning of Higher & Technical Education in Mizoram, the Department has to take up various schemes such as up gradation of Colleges as per U.G.C. Norms in staffing pattern, up gradation of Private Colleges into Deficit Status and Deficit Colleges into Provincialisation. It has to give recurring and non-recurring grants to maintain uniformity of standards among the Colleges and help the students by giving Post Matric Scholarship(CSS), Merit Scholarship, Book Grants, Research Fellowship etc. It also has to establish and look after Collegiate Hostels in various places in and outside the State. All India Council for Technical Education Norms and Pay Scale has also to be implemented for Technical Institutions.

The Department has to give priority to Technical, Information Technology and Science Education to cope with the fast pacing of the Modern World.