Mizoram State though recorded as having the highest percentage of literacy in India yet has to go a long way especially in areas of Technical Education both in quantity and quality to catch up with the rest of the States in India. Technical Education is still in its initial stage of development in Mizoram. There used to be only one Polytechnic called Mizoram Polytechnic Lunglei which was established in 1981. The second Polytechnic which is Women Polytechnic was established at Aizawl only in September, 1998 in a rented house by paying Rs.25,000 per month as house rent. The education in the State is highly Arts biased that while there are still numerous employment opportunities in technical fields, un-employment percentage is very high due to the presence of considerable number of Arts Colleges producing a great number of Arts graduates every year. To solve the un-employment problems in technical field and to supply the required technical manpower to cater to the need of the State, it is necessary to develop technical education at a fast pace.

While there are as many as 360 High School and 33 (thirty three) Arts Colleges of Degree level in the State, as stated above, there are only 2 (two) Polytechnics. Although the Government of Mizoram feels the necessity of improving technical education both in infrastructure and quality of the existing technical institutions, it is not in a position to solve the problems at present or in the near future due to extreme financial constraints.

It is really a great privilege for Mizoram the Third World Bank Project Scheme is coming up with the idea of extending financial assistance to the States which have not yet been covered by the first and second World Bank scheme in the previous years. With the assistance from the World Bank, it is expected that Technical Education would be developed to meet the required technical man-power of the State in the near future, and provide a well-balanced system of education as a whole in Mizoram.